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Sweet Martha's Cookie Magnet - Minnesota State Fair Memorabilia

Sweet Martha's Cookie Magnet - Minnesota State Fair Memorabilia

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If you know, you know. This painting is inspired by the many memories I have formed from a whole life of attending the Great Minnesota Get Together, otherwise known as the Minnesota State Fair. I can already smell the warm chocolate smell and see the poor scattered cookies on the road that fell out of the overflowing buckets.

The next time you buy the bucket full of cookies, have this magnet handy to remind yourself of the mouthwatering experience. 

This magnet is a flexible 3inch square that clings well to all magnetic surfaces. I have one on my car and it survives car washes just fine. They're fade and weather resistant to last for years to come. 

They make a great gift for your friends and family who might hold special memories from the fair. 

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