Finding Joy in Watercolor

The world is a beautiful place and as artists, we get to soak in it's beauty and share it with others through what we create.

How do you feel when you create?

Calm? Anxious? Focused? Distracted?

Any or all of these could be true. Each of us approaches our paint palette with our own life experiences and emotions that we face on any given day.

Making art should bring us joy.

Hi, I'm Alyssa

I am in awe of the world around us and find overwhelming joy in the process of documenting it through pen and watercolor.

When I draw something, I get to look at it more closely than I ever have before. It's an excuse to bask in the beauty around me.

When I get to teach someone watercolor, I thrive off of their oohs and ahs as they discover the relief of slowing down and playing with paint.

For anyone looking to give watercolor an honest chance, I recommend making a habit of it. I've created a month's worth of easy tutorials so anyone can get started exploring watercolor.

Are you ready to form a habit of watercolor painting?

So what will you do next?

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“She managed to create a fun, stress-free environment while delivering excellent instruction in watercolor techniques.” -Jenny

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Paint This

Something for any level artist. Beginners will enjoy taking their time in a low pressure, watercolor workbook. Each workbook has detailed instructions, examples, and even step by step videos for each page.

Both beginners and more practiced artists are ready for a Paint Me! page. Each page has a predrawn image and a step by step video to help you complete wall worthy work.

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I've combined my passion for making with my passion for teaching by creating impactful online art curriculum. These online learning opportunities are for any artist, wherever they are, and whenever they have time.

I offer a-synchronous learning for free through my instagram and youtube, and I have created in depth collections of lessons and techniques in my online courses.

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