How to Sell Without Being Salesy at a Craft Fair

In the world of selling at craft shows, there will be good days and bad days, there will be people who want to buy your stuff and people who won't, but that consolation is not what you’re here for. You want to know how to sell without being salesy, and I’ve got an answer. 

You need to sell the problem you solve, not the product you make. 

How do stickers solve a problem, you ask?

Everything we sell has a reason to be bought, that is the problem you solve.

A sticker solves the problem of a boring water bottle or a memory not being properly documented (You want to buy the funny dog mom sticker because you're a dog mom now).

Let's take a closer look at what you sell.

The item you sell is a ceramic bowl. This bowl could be used for anything any other bowl could be used for such as soup, cereal, or salad. It could also be a catch-all container for the entryway table, it could hold some candies on the coffee table, or it could be part of a centerpiece with flowers or decor. 

The item you sell is a painting framed and ready to hang. This painting could be a lovely addition to any space. Everyone has wall decor they walk by every day and don’t even notice because it’s been there forever. Your customer could switch out their old art for yours, especially if your art is seasonal or mood specific. Your art could be a gift to the person in their life who has everything. When you make stuff you can't bring to sell, like custom commissions, then bring photos to show it off. A physical binder or portfolio works great for this.

The item you sell is a crocheted stuffed animal. This animal would be a great gift to a child or family member. It would be a great “get well soon” gift or go well to celebrate whatever the next major holiday is. This handmade item is something they won’t find anywhere else and would be a cute addition to a home reading nook or a gift for a teacher of young children to go in their classroom. 

The purpose of each item is the problem it solves. This is important to know for two main reasons.

1. You want to display your items to show their purpose

2. You should be able to offer a concise verbal explanation of why someone should buy your item

If your item has multiple unique uses, think about dedicating a small section of your display to show the variety of uses. 

If we think our life will be better because of it, we will want to buy it. If we think something is cool or nice to look at, we will only admire it. 

Show the cup you sell with flowers, a straw, and a bunch of pens or paintbrushes. This will show potential buyers the many ways to enjoy their purchase. Things that serve a purpose, or solve a problem, are easier to buy. It feels like a practical purchase that isn't forced, aka not salesy.

What do I do next?

It's time for you to figure out the purpose of what you sell. In order to sell without being salesy you need to know your product inside out.

I've created a simple worksheet you can print off and work through. You'll also have a spot to plan your display and write some concise explanations.

Here's how I filled it out to help me brainstorm for my stickers. I apologize in advance for the bad handwriting and any hard-to-see pencil lines...

Download the worksheet here to get started on your own brainstorming!

Let me know what you've come up with in the comments below or by sending me an email at  


Stay creative!


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