Custom Art Event

Do you have a special reason to celebrate and want to include a watercolor experience?

Here are some great reasons to host your own custom watercolor class.

  • Birthdays for all ages
  • Family gathering
  • Wine night with the girls
  • Small group get together
  • Visitors from out of town
  • Book Club
  • Assisted living enrichment
  • Co-worker after hour gathering
  • Any reason you can think of!

The sky's the limit when we plan your event, but here are some examples of what I've done before.

A birthday party for four 10 year old girls. I come and set up at a table with spots for each artist. All you need to provide is space and water to fill our paint cups. I lead the girls through three loose and explorative watercolor paintings that they will cut out and turn into bookmarks when complete. 

A wine night for 5 college friends. I bring five of my Paint Me pages so each person starts with a pre-drawn image. We sip, laugh, and paint as I lead you step by step through completing the images. You all go home with a frame-able work of art you helped complete!

I can lead your group though simple beginner level paintings, provide pre-drawn images that I will guide you through completing, or more advanced scenes based on whatever theme your event requires. 

Paint Me Page Event

Choose a pre-drawn image, or request a custom scene, to finish with the help of your favorite watercolor teacher.

Low Stress Watercolor

This group of co-workers participated in a beginner watercolor class to play and explore the medium. They took home some bookmarks and a greeting card made with their newfound skills.

How much will a custom class cost?

Every situation will be a little bit different but here are some numbers to help you plan.

$50 per person for a 2 hour event (including set up and clean up)

4 attendees or $200 minimum

Potential fee for a custom themed project.

Added fee for a location over 40 miles from Farmington, MN.

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