5 Useful Things You Already Have in Your Home For Your Next Craft Fair

I love getting ready for my next craft fair. Each time I go I figure out something new I need and something I have but don't need. Lately, I've realized how many things I already have laying around the house that are perfect for using at my craft fair booth. I figured I'd share this exciting knowledge, so here are 5 useful things you already have in your home you can use at your next craft fair.

A small decorative shelf

First things first. A shelf. Pretty much any small shelf, but a cute one is always fun. When you are setting up your booth, it’s good to add height. One fun way to do that is to use a small shelf set up on your table. I found a cool hexagonal shelf at goodwill just for this purpose. It creates pleasing aesthetics and easy browsing since most people’s eye level is higher than the surface of your standard folding table. Take a look below for inspiration while you think about what you have. Don't forget to look at the wall, sometimes a wall shelf can sit on a table too! A shelf is the first of many useful things for your next craft fair that you probably already have at home.

Seasonal decorations

When getting ready for a show, think about the time of year you are showing in, and how to decorate your booth appropriately. I'll do another post about this sometime soon, but for now, keep the following in mind...

Spring: Pink/lavender, blue, green, and white. Plants and flowers (faux is fine), vine-like garlands, and succulents.

Summer: Bright blue, yellow, and green. More faux plants, sunflowers, greenery, and a picnic theme.

Fall: Oranges, reds, and yellows. Pumpkins, gourds, plaid, or flannel.

Winter: Blues, deep red, pine tree green, and whites. Holly, pine, baskets, red berries, and other snowy items.

Think of what you use to decorate your home and borrow of few of those pieces to accessorize your table. If you keep your main display items neutral, such as your tablecloth, containers, easels, and shelves, then it’s easy to add pops of color and seasonal decor as the time of year changes. Who knew your home decor could be full of useful things for your next craft fair? Oh yeah, I did ;)


“Like cardboard boxes?” you ask. Sure. Or wood, plastic, or metal. These boxes can go underneath your tablecloth, or under a matching fabric just to add variation in height. Think of that plastic stand that lifts your computer monitor up a few inches. What about that spice shelf in the pantry? Do you have a few small amazon boxes you could tape shut and fit at the back of your table? Just hide them under a cloth and you’ve got instant stadium seating for your products.

Belt Bag

Yes, these are coming back in style and yes, you probably still have one buried from ages ago when they were still called a fanny pack. Whether it’s new or old, a purse that wraps around your waist is the perfect money box. You don’t have to think about where you set it when it’s time to check out a customer and it’s always with you if you step away to chat with a nearby vendor. You can also keep your phone, some sticky notes with a pen, and extra business cards here so you’re ready for anything!


Binder or Folder

Look in the top of your office closet or the bottom of that bottomless desk drawer. Find an empty binder or folder to make a portfolio with evidence of more items you sell. This might be custom pieces, out-of-stock items, seasonal items, or just more variations than you can show off at a show. This will entice people to stay connected with you since there is more to you than what they can initially see. Show them this portfolio, mention your email list, and give them a card so they can find out when stuff is back in stock or reach out to you for their own custom piece. While you're digging around the office, look for more useful things for your next craft fair like pens, scratch paper, paper clips, binder clips, and zip ties.


I hope you have fun searching your home with new eyes and a new purpose for your things. It's so satisfying to set up your booth, and using things you already have is easier and more cost-effective.

So before you go shop at hobby lobby or office depot, look for useful things you already have in your home you can use at your next craft fair. If you need more ideas of things for your craft fair, check out my amazon storefront.

Happy Fair Sharing!


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