Behind the Art: Split Rock Lighthouse

Behind the Art: Split Rock Lighthouse

Have you seen the most iconic lighthouse in Minnesota? As a local Minnesota artist, I'm fascinated by places that hold stories. Today, I want to delve into the history and grandeur that inspired my Split Rock Lighthouse painting.

Split Rock Lighthouse, perched on a 130-foot cliff overlooking Lake Superior, is not only an incredible sight but also a testament to human ingenuity. Did you know its construction was prompted by the infamous Mataafa Storm of 1905, which wrecked nearly 30 ships? Completed in 1910, the lighthouse stands as a symbol of safety and resilience on this sometimes treacherous shoreline. The surrounding Split Rock Lighthouse State Park boasts hiking trails with incredible views, making it a popular destination for outdoor adventurers and tourists alike.

For over a century, Split Rock Lighthouse has played a vital role in guiding ships through the challenging waters of Lake Superior. The lighthouse keepers, braving harsh weather and isolation, ensured safe passage for countless vessels. Today, the lighthouse is a National Historic Landmark, meticulously preserved by the Minnesota Historical Society. Visitors can tour the lighthouse grounds, learn about its fascinating history, and soak in the breathtaking views. I've done it and highly recommend it!

When I painted the Split Rock Lighthouse, I remember noticing the contrast between the yellow building and the cool blue lake surface. The rocks are full of numerous neutral tones creating a rough texture that was so much fun to paint.  It was satisfying to draw a bit of architectural significance amidst the natural beauty of the cliffside.

Discover how I've translated the Split Rock Lighthouse onto paper. Perhaps a piece will remind you of the rugged North Shore and evoke the sense of wonder it inspires. Check out the fine art print or sticker! For a limited time, use code "LIGHTHOUSE" at checkout for 10% off your purchase of any Split Rock lighthouse themed products!
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